Visiting A Chiropractor Jacksonville FL Area

If you have never been to see a chiropractor Jacksonville FL area, it is normal that you will have a number of questions as to what you can expect out of the visit. The chances are good that you will be wondering what a chiropractic adjustment entails, whether or not it is going to hurt, will you be getting tests done, and what may be expected of you when it comes to follow up care. These are some of the answers to the questions that you may have.

Initial Visit

When you go to the chiropractor, you will have an examination that will help to get to a diagnosis. You will be asked about any of the issues that you are having and the overall nature of your pain. This examination could include testing, such as an x-ray, which will help to evaluable your skeletal status. After the diagnosis, the chiropractor will work on a customized treatment plan, including the type and number of treatments that you may need. Depending upon the cause of your pain and the severity, you may be able to have your initial adjustment on the same day, or you could have the first treatment scheduled for another time.

Will It Hurt?

A common misconception is that chiropractic care will be painful and/or dangerous. What you should know is that chiropractic manipulation is a procedure that is highly controlled, very rarely causing any sort of discomfort. The techniques use gentle pressure and emphasize minimal force. There are many patients that will report a sort of popping sound while the adjustment is taking place, which are simply the joints getting rid of tiny pockets of gas. This is something that is completely normal.

When you make an appointment to visit a chiropractor Jacksonville FL area, you should have a list of questions ready that will make you feel comfortable. The goal is to work closely with your chiropractor to help you feel your best and get the right treatments to keep you aligned and healthy. Every patient is different, so you can expect that you should have a different treatment plan that someone else that you may know.

As you work with the best chiropractor in the Jacksonville FL area, you will start to have a better understanding of your skeletal structure and how it benefits you to get regular adjustments. The overall goal is well-being, so choosing the right chiropractor to visit will give you the ultimate result.