Buying Prescription Sunglasses: What You Need To Know

Prescription SunglassesChoosing the right pair of prescription sunglasses not only ensures that you have the correct vision, but also complements your appearance.

Keep the tips below in mind next time you need to buy new prescription glasses.

Updated Prescription

Before you start your search for a pair of prescription sunglasses it is recommended that you first get your hands on an up-to-date prescription. It is worth noting that prescriptions have a shelf-life. To ensure that you will be able to use your new glasses comfortably, for an extended period of time, get a new prescription. A new prescription is only valid for about two years for adults and around one year for younger people.


To ensure that you end up choosing the best prescription sunglasses with a perfect fit, it is recommended that you get accurate measurements from your eye doctor. One of the most important measurements needed to find you a perfect pair of glasses is the pupillary distance (PD). This measurement refers to the distance between your pupils. This distance is usually needed to facilitate the accurate positioning of lenses on the glasses.

Since opticians usually omit this measurement from prescriptions, it is important that you ask yours to include it during your check up. Other measurements you will need include the temple size, bridge size and eye size.

Online Vs Brick And Mortar

When it comes to shopping for prescription sunglasses, you can choose between buying from online or brick and mortar stores. It is worth noting that each of these options comes with its very own benefits. Online stores usually cut out the middlemen from the sales process, and can therefore offer quality glasses at substantially reduced prices.

Brick and mortar stores on the other hand offer access to an in house specialist, which comes in handy for those with complicated needs. Whichever option you choose, be sure to match the benefits offered with your own needs.


Once you have found your preferred type of glasses, it%u2019s important that you take care of them appropriately in order to enjoy durable service. Prescription sunglasses should be stored in a hard case for protective purposes. Clean the glasses with soft microfiber cloth to keep them clean, and in pristine condition. Always remember to use both hands when removing the glasses to ensure that they remain in their original shape.

With these factors in mind, you will have a better chance of finding the perfect pair of glasses at the best price.